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 Naslov: OUDIE 5 upgrade NAVITER
PostPostano: čet 02 sij, 2020 21:00 
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All existing Oudie 3, Oudie 3+ and Oudie 4 customers are welcome to upgrade their units with the latest kit! The following upgrades are possible:

Upgrade Oudie 3 or 3+ to an Oudie 5: 299 EUR incl. VAT
Upgrade Oudie 4 or Oudie 4 Basic to Oudie 5: 179 EUR incl. VAT

All upgraded devices will look as new after the upgrade. They will be returned in a new housing, with a new battery, more powerful main computer and a Fanet / Flarm wireless communication module.

What is Fanet & Flarm?

It enables pilots to see each other's position, altitude and climb rate on an Oudie screen even when line of sight is obstructed by a cloud or a mountain.

Know where your friends are
Make better and safer tactical decisions
Follow progress of your students from the ground

Gyro-assisted vario
Sunlight readable colour LCD
Fanet+ to see other free-flight pilots around
Flarm to be seen by glider pilots and general aviation
Gloves friendly touchscreen
Lightweight, perfect size
Thermal assistant
Wind assistant
Ready to fly - no setup
12-hour autonomy (battery life)
XC Tasks created on moving map terrain with touch
Internet connection through Oudie Live for flight uploading
XC and FAI Triangles
3D Airspace assistant with free updates
Immediate flight uploads and goal declaration
Responsive touch screen is easy to use even in thick gloves
Easy and free software updates



Processor ARM 11, 500 MHz
Built-in Flash 8GB
Loudspeaker Yes
Buttons On/Off, Reset
Battery 9600mAh
Battery autonomy >12h
Time to fully charge max. 6h
Size 135 x 86 x 25 mm
Weight 345g
Vario Yes, high sensitivity, assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers)
Pressure altitude Yes, high precision
Flight recorder Yes
Flight storage Practically unlimited
Operating temperature -15°C to +50°C
Display 5″ TFT LCD
Resolution 480×272
Aspect ratio 16:9
Portrait Yes
Landscape Yes
Touchscreen Yes, optimal for gloves
Built-in GPS Yes, aviation grade
Mass Storage Yes
Active Sync Yes
External Flash Micro SDHC
Headphone 3.5mm jack
Wired Serial Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Languages 17
Moving map Yes
Preinstalled maps World-wide
Airspace data Yes, preinstalled
Software Updates Free
3D Airspace warning Yes
Final glide calculator Yes
Max. Altitude warning Yes
Thermal assistant Yes
OLC optimization Yes
FAI Triangle optimization Yes
Profiles Unlimited
Navboxes 66+
Flight statistics Yes
Task statistics Yes
60′ statistics Yes
Race to Goal Yes, automatic navigation
Task route optimization Yes, automatic
Assigned Area Tasks Yes
Wind calculator Yes
Units Metric/Imperial
File Replay Yes


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 Naslov: Re: OUDIE 5 upgrade NAVITER
PostPostano: uto 07 sij, 2020 14:44 
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Odoh na apgrejd u Blade, tako da imam još boljiji instrumenat za gledanje :D

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